Voice Broadcasting (Voice SMS)

What is Voice SMS or Voice Broadcasting?

It also known as messaging, refers to the delivery of a voice into the form of a message to a recipient's phone. The customer is called by the broadcasting system, plays a marketing message, which was recorded earlier and then asks the recipient to press a number on their keyboard (e.g., "1") to get more information or to connect to a live agent.

This makes it easier for you to send out thousands of messages at once. This means that anyone who wants to hear it as soon as possible is reached by a message.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting (Voice SMS)

Reliable engagement

By sending a recorded voice broadcast, you can reach a large number of people by sending important messages. These messages are efficient, time saving and cheap. Also, it can be used to promote events, share important information, or sell products and services.

Time Saving

With our voice broadcasting system, you can quickly and effectively communicate with a large audience. Compared to sending individual messages or making individual calls, it saves time


By adding a personal touch, you can personalize your voice messages and make them more engaging. This can help you and your recipients to establish trust and strengthen their relationship. For example in rural areas there are so many farmers living and amongst these farmers, most of them are illiterate so this helps to connect with the farmers using their native language.

Increased Response Rate

When compared to other forms of marketing, voice broadcasting has the potential to achieve a higher response rate. This is due to the personal and interactive delivery of the message, which keeps the listener's attention.


The system can be automated, allowing you to set specific times and dates for when messages should be sent. While the system performs the necessary tasks for you, you are free to concentrate on other crucial activities.

Cost Effective

This system can be a cost-effective method for reaching targeted people. It reduces the cost of traditional advertising and eliminates the need for manual labor.

Educational Enhancement

Due to the worldwide pandemic in 2020, so many educational institutions are sending guidelines to students and for kids they are providing lessons. For example, kids can learn rhymes by just pressing the given buttons. So, businesses and organizations looking to quickly and effectively convey important information to a large number of people may find voice broadcasting to be an effective tool.