ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

ACD stands for automatic call distribution. It is a smart telephony process that instinctively receives incoming calls and allocates those calls to an accessible agent. Its main focus is to help inbound contact centers sort and handle large volumes of calls to avoid unwanted situations for the team. With an intelligent routing, ACD software helps the inbound call center avoid habitual faults and stick to a logical path to be more efficient. iSolutions Provide Quality IP Phones in Different Brands including FANVIL, and GRANDSTREAM & PLANET.

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Conveniences of Automatic Call Distributor

Escalate Team Efficiency:

By virtue of automatic call distribution you can maintain a range of algorithms to link calls to the best suited agents for the client query. Clearing doubt of customers by providing an instant solution can enhance overall performance.

Prompt response to Callers:

Implement individualized client experience based on client’s preferences, previous interactions, and IVR selections. Smart ACD technology can transfer high-value clients to the most proficient agents to ensure that all your high valued prospects are delivered with an individualized client experience. Spontaneous response to the priority callers assists your team resolve the issues in quickest time

Unimpaired call routing:

You need to make sure impeccable call routing from one campaign to another with complete context using defined campaign level routing rules. When the caller ends up in a wrong campaign, the agents can immediately transfer the call to the appropriate department along with the call history, notes, and dispositions, to preserve the context and provide spontaneous solutions with phone routing software.

Optimization of resource:

By virtue of an efficient routing algorithm, the agents can use their excellence to solve a caller’s doubting quickest possible time. Eventually this will reduce the average handling time as each agent will use their expertise to solve doubts they are trained for.

Minimize Call Center Costs-A well:

Tailored ACD can route specific clients to pre-defined agents instead of long periods on hold. Spontaneous response to a call by linking it to the most proficient agent will enhance the first call resolution rate with automated call routing systems. The customers can get their queries solved without transferring them to other agents. As a result this will bring down the time taken to respond to a call and shrink the call center’s cost-per-call

ACD Features that helps to get better customer service experience

Comprehensive call monitoring & reporting:

Clearly knowing real-time operational performance is vital for optimizing call center management. The Server lets supervisors monitor parameters,like number of active calls, agent status, and queue status. The ACD Report Server is an indispensable part of the call center solution. It provides reporting functions for detailed analyses to help improve call center performance.

Multiple locations flexibility-

This feature allows location flexibility and performance at the same time. DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) instinctively locates the caller’s location and automates call routing to any caller or agent. Irrespective of whether your agents are working from an office or remote location, ACD will route the caller to the available agent with its smart location detection technique, this is how exceeding client expectations and escalating team productivity.

Queue position declaration:

At the time of rush hour, allow your users to get informed about their queue position and expected wait time until the next available agent will assist them. Call routing software requests a caller for callback when an agent is available or allows them to stay in their position without keeping them on the phone through virtual queuing (VQ) technology.

Different types of call routing

Pliable ACD Call Routing Algorithms-

A call center needs to have highly flexible call routing algorithms for better performance. Having complete freedom to decide how and whom you want to route and where with the ACD call routing system helps to attract a bulk amount of clients.You can determine the best routing system based on CRM data, IVR selection, job hours, and agent skills to optimize each caller’s experience.

Client Persona-based Routing:

It is very unprofessional to keep your VIP clients waiting for long in the queue. Empower them with a hotline to get connected to the most proficient agent in minimum time. Same way, you can also prioritize within these clients to ensure that the high value clients are attended first in case of high call volume by Automatic Call Distributor.

Transaction history based Call Routing:

With help of Automatic Call Distributor software smartly route the clients, based on their recent transactions or behavioral history. The client who has made a purchase recently will be put in a different IVR and will be channeled to a different queue compared to someone who has not purchased it recently.

Preferred agent based routing:

By intelligent call routing algorithmsACD can Route the clients to the same agent they talked before within the estimated time period. If an agent was engaged with a client, and she/he calls again within the stipulated time, the priority will be given to connect the client to the same agent they talked to earlier. The agent will be already well-informed about the issue and take minimum time to solve it.

Prioritizing emergency call routing-:

Delay in case of any emergency situation can bring unavoidable outcomes for a client that he or she would not like to face. So to avoid this mishap,channel the call to all agents irrespective of their skill. That would be incredibly supportive in situations when you cannot afford to make the client wait.