What does it mean by outbound call center: An outbound call is a calling process where a call is generated from a specific origin to an external recipient. Calls made by an agent are directed towards clients, prospects and other businesses. It calls prospective clients to focus on lead generation, telemarketing and fundraising. So a top-notch outbound calling software backed by smart dialers and powerful call center features to enhance client involvement and interaction rate.

Ihelpbd's Outbound Call Center Software

Escalate call connects through auto dialer:

An auto dialer software for outbound call center assists to automate the calling process by involving artificial intelligence into the dialing system to ameliorate operational efficiency while diminishing call drop rate. It avails you to connect a client to a live agent once the call has been linked up at the client end. This yields higher productivity and efficiency.

Minimize agent idle time through predictive dialer:

Predictive dialer software assists your call center agents’ performance and productivity while making sure high call connect rates. It ensures the time when the agent will be free to take the call with the help of highly configurable dialer algorithms. Here after, it automatically dials out numbers from the saved lead list to minimize agent efforts.

Let your agent well informed about conversation:

To have a professionally impressive conversation with a client, agents or telemarketers need to be well informed about essential client information. A Preview Dialer provides the client information on the agent’s screen before making call. Down the line it allows agents to get acquainted with the client and manage their sales pitch accordingly. But this preview auto dialer is only fruitful when you have an ample amount of high-value prospects or clients.

Automate agent engagement over campaigns:

Administer multiple dialing processes or campaigns simultaneously with outbound contact center for efficient communication. Manipulate campaigns with a single click to ensure optimum utilization of your call center dialer. Also, for effortless workflow the outbound agents no longer have to manually select campaigns to carry on their work. Agents are automatically directed towards the specific campaigns and queues they are assigned thus, improving productivity and reducing the scope of error..

Maximize agent productivity-

Allow your agents the efficient call center software to work proficiently and avoid hassle of manual tasks so that they can focus more on client interactions. With a dedicated system, agents can manipulate multiple tasks like call handling, accessing client information within a single window to reduce average agent handling time. Added attributes like voicemail drop and scheduling callback enable agents to be more productive by reducing idle time..

Avoid manual dialing-

Click-to-dial functionality can make your agents free from the anguish of having to manually dial the contact numbers. Click-to-call application programming interface allows you to pull the client data from your CRM or another third-party system while allowing the agents to simply click on the number to make an outbound call. Similarly, you can integrate your mobile application to relish click-to-dial functionality on your mobile too

Nourish conversation context:

Get seamless amalgamation with smart CRM or client support systems, providing your agents to perceive a comprehensive view of your client history. Agents can drive better and more individualized communication with outbound call center solutions. In a nutshell it improves client interaction and retention with CRM Integration and provides compatibleclient service.

Maintain Metrics and KPIs in Real-Time:

Time-Get real-time perception into call connect rates, call volumes, campaign data summary, etc. to have better grip of the outbound call center software. For making better decisions related to resource allocation and campaign management reports and dashboard are indispensable. With the help of outbound lead level filters, agents can prioritize their clients’ data on the lead level, this is how eliminating the need to create multiple campaigns. Live data on metrics like number of ongoing calls, number of calls in queue, number of agents on call, etc. helps to anticipate functional changes and plan accordingly.

Advantages of outbound call center software

  • Enhance Agent performance and Productivity
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Contextual Conversation
  • Uplifting Sales Conversions
  • Effective Lead Management
  • Carry on surveys for market research to boost your product or features
  • Feedback collection
  • Identify best time to call based on collected data
  • Sending bulk messages to a target client with outbound calling software
  • Campaign Management based on real-time data