Cloud Call Center Software
Calle for E-Commerce

Getting customers and making them repeat customers is the ultimate target for any E-Commerce Company. To sustain and grow in these industries business needs to meet rising customer expectations. Hence, they need to provide a smooth purchasing experience. Whereas for providing a smooth purchasing experience what matters the most is the extraordinary customer service. Here comes the challenge for any E-Commerce company. To ensure an extraordinary service they may have to count a big figure of money to operate a Call center Software for managing an extensive number of calls. These things may lead them to make their decision to back off and remain with the previous system for managing calls and face the consequence of losing customers. In this situation, iSolutions has the solution by having the cloud based call center software, Calle for e-commerce companies. With this software, one can avail the maximum number of benefits which will help their business to grow high.

What we offer/benefits of choosing us:

A glimpse at Some of the benefits that can be achieved by using the cloud based call center software, Calle

  • 1. No Server Maintenance Cost:

    Server maintenance is not an easy job for any company. When already it’s a massive challenge to manage all the calls with the limited resources, it’s not wise to invite more challenges. With the Calle you don’t have to manage servers, therefore, you will not have any server maintenance cost which will boost your business efficiency.

  • 2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

    Personalized conversation is the thing that is most appreciable. When customers feel that they are being prioritized, they tend to be more open and loyal to the brands. With this CRM feature, you can collect information of customers while on call and these will be stored, in the following call you can see the stored information so you already know about the customer, his/her previous behavior and can behave accordingly. Huge information about customers will help you to find out about the best product, flaws of your business and so many other things without any complexity.

  • 3. Able Everything for Providing Prompt Service:

    An agent can’t remember the information of every customer. But for prompt service, s/he might have to know about the customer. Calle has the feature to make this hard thing easy. When a customer will call at the same time all the previous information of the customer will pop up. Hence, the most complex work will get easy within a moment. Agents can see the info and will have an idea, which enables them to provide prompt service.

  • 4. Establishing Identity:

    It’s always easier to remember one thing than multiple things. When you call from multiple numbers to your customers they can not set an identity about you. By using the cloud based call center software, Calle, you will have the option to choose one number for all calls. Therefore, an identity will be created that will increase your brand image.

  • 5. Reduce Waiting Time and Bring A Smile to Your Customers Face:

    Waiting is the most bitter thing that a human being doesn't want to do. The same goes for your customers when they have to wait to connect with you. Cloud based call center software, Calle, has some advanced features to mitigate the waiting time. Like IVR, ACD (Advanced call distribution system), and other things which route the call effectively to the right agent. Agents can use their time effectively and can decrease the time customers have to spend in queues. Eventually, customers will be happy about your brand.

iSolutions has made all the things available to shine your E-commerce business. There might be trouble in the roads of your dream business, iSolutions will be there for you to make it a bit easier with its advanced features.