CRM integration

CRM integration enhances client interactions and retention and provides consistent client service. CRM integration helps facile connectivity between CRM software and third-party applications. These integrations facilitate automated actions that elevate the functions of your software.

Prompt response to Callers- Implement individualized client experience based on client’s preferences, previous interactions, and IVR selections. Smart ACD technology can transfer high-value clients to the most proficient agents to ensure that all your high valued prospects are delivered with a individualized client experience. Spontaneous response to the priority callers assists your team resolve the issues in quickest time.

Advantages of CRM integration

Ameliorate agent performance-During telephony interactions it abolish the need to manually switch tabs like putting calls on hold, call transfer, call conferencing, etc, and accessing leads or client data in CRM

Contextual Agent Interactions- - It nourishes all information related to calls in single place and provides a context-driven client experience with real-time data sync in both applications.

Monitoring call center activity-Monitoring call center activity, record and explore the call data, empowering the authority and managers to take real-time acumen decisions.

Impeccable interaction across multiple tabs-CRM integration empower agents to make the communications more efficient with features like CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) pop-up even while switching between multiple tabs

Astute predictive dialing-A CRM integration empowers predictive dialers to assess probabilitiesbased on lead scores and link agents with an outbound number that has the highest chance of a conversion.

Call center integration with leading CRM

Lead Squared CRM integration-Enhance your agent performance and client satisfaction by integrating Isolutions and Leadsquared. Maintain client’s activities and preserve all client information in single place. Allowing a one-click call option and automated workflow ameliorate agent proficiency.

Zohodesk CRM integration- Linking Isolutions with Zohodesk make your contact center’s performance impeccable. By grace of enriched functionalities like call context association maintain context across client’s interaction. Observe the call duration time in real-time allows you to analyze the agent’s proficiency. Agents can easily connect the new call to an existing ticket with a single click using the voice telephony toolbar.

Kapture CRM integration-Kapture contact center CRM Integration with Isolutions assists you to self-closing the sales activity to provide excellent client experience. This integration allows absolute package for organizations to perform end-to-end sales and empower their agents to augment productivity while dealing with clients.

SAP CRM integration-Isolutions and SAP CRM Integration flawlessly perform to attain top-level efficiency. Empower agents to provide individualized services with the help of client details showed in an instinctive user interface.