Cloud Call Center Software Pricing

Calle’s Enterprise-Grade Cloud Call Center Software provides everything that a new business may need. Calle is named as the best solution for any startup company is somewhere between the huge cost to a little amount of capital for managing calls, setting organized IVR, storing Customers' data to every other single thing that is must for operating a call center service.

Start-up Friendly Pricing and Perks of Calle:

  • Easy to Set Up
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Flexible Deployment options
  • Every needed feature included
  • Allows agents to work from remote locations
  • Enterprise pop-Up CRM software
  • Clear Voice Quality
  • A minimal amount of capital requires to start
  • Minimal maintenance

Besides all the parks there are more for you from the very cost-effective Cloud Call Center Software, Calle.

Core Functionalities Make an Effective Call Center Software:

An effective call center software can have so many functions, but to claim that there should be some core things. When one knows about the core functionalities they can easily judge which is an effective call center software and where it is worth investing. Nevertheless, to be an effective call center software, there are some core functionalities that should be count on:

  • ACD:
  • ACD stands for Automatic Call Distributor, which is a telephony software system. Its function is to answer incoming calls and route them to a specific and relevant agent or department.

  • Predictive Dialer:
  • It is more like autodialers or Robo dialers, which is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers.

  • SMS:
  • Integration of Communication through SMS in the Call Center Software.

  • Email:
  • Integration of Communication through Email in the call center software.

  • Standard Reporting:
  • To have an insight into all data of every call, specific reports on different categories will have an immense impact. Without reporting every effort and all the benefits that were to be yours may go in vain.

  • Agents Activity Monitoring:
  • All your efforts are for customers and Agents will deal with your customers. Hence, tracking agents' activities is the most important factor, we believe. An effective call center software should have the feature to enable you to track your agents' activity.

  • IVR:
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is a must-have feature for contact center software that helps customers with requested information. It’s an automated technology by which communication with the caller is possible through Recorded Voice Input and by using a Phone Keypad.

  • CRM:
  • A software tool that can help agents for boosting customer experience by storing the previous information of customers.

Additional Functionalities to Expect:

Call List Management:

A contact center Software faces numerous calls every day. Therefore, it is so certain to leave some calls in the drop list. But when your call center software is the most efficient one you need not worry at all. The software will manage and store the list and you can always have the option to call back from the drop list.

Call Recording:

With the help of this feature, you can hear and download any call records of your customers anytime. Even in real-time. Eventually, it can help you to understand whatever you want to understand.

Advance Data Analysis Support:

To analyze customers' data for taking advance decisions, at the very first you will need the organized data. A smart contact center software will provide formulated data that will make your work magnificently easy.

A smart, effective call center software will have core and additional functionalities. A combination of both core and additional features can make call center software effective. If the software fulfills the requirement to be called an effective call center software only then one company can be assured that the investment will be worthy enough for his/her business.

Regardless of all the core and additional functions, Calle, the smart call center software of iSolutions in town has many more facilities for its valuable clients. With all the benefits of this cost-effective call center software, our clients are occupied with satisfaction.